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Mia Perez

Mia Perez is an aspiring author with a vivid imagination. During her childhood, it would take her seconds to telepath into a world of her own imagination. After she learned how to read, reading became her favorite thing to do. Her eternal love for books made her an incredible creator. She relished each English class because it gave her an open door to challenge her writing skills. As soon as she took her first creative writing class in her junior year, she started fulfilling her ardent desire to explore several genres. Gradually, she was often found pouring her mind out on a piece of paper. That’s how her creative adventure “The Asylum Friends” came into existence.

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Book signing

For the time being, the book signing is limited to the Florida region.

The location will be decided as the book signings are planned.


    copies of books

    You can order a copy with the original signature by Mia Perez. Books that are autographed by the authors are more special and create a distinctive bond between the writer and the reader. The pre-signed books can be a great gift for your loved ones as well. If you order the pre-signed copies now, you get the first editions and first printings, so you always remember how precious it is. And trust us! It’s the best feeling.


      What Our Client Says

      I am delighted that the readers have such lovely feedback for the book. Each of the reviews is close to my heart and inspires me to work harder.

      "I loved the book that is beautifully written by Mia Perez. It has some really thought-provoking observations on strong subjects like mental disorders. In my opinion, three words would define the book perfectly—mature, emotional, and heartfelt. With her heart and understanding, she was able to create a world with emotional depth and intricacy of characters."

      Cuthbert BrainEngineering Manager

      "The way Mia Perez puts her thoughts into words is good, dark, interesting, and sometimes a little scary. Her book is a psychological thriller wrapped inside a story of a female who has multiple layers. As each of the layers of character unfold, the story of her book becomes nerve-jangling and heartbreaking that you would not feel like putting this book down."

      Jose M.Engineering Manager

      "This is a fabulous story from Mia Perez. The writing style of this book is fresh. As you read the pages, the settings and the main character truly come to life. Once you start reading it, I am sure you end it immediately because it makes you curious about the ending. In short, it is a page-turner that can become your favorite quickly."

      Bill CarterEngineering Manager



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